Akshay Oberoi on Imran Khan’s acting journey

Akshay Oberoi on Imran Khan’s acting journey

Imran Khan’s decision to say goodbye to acting has shocked everyone and people are still talking about it. We brought you his father-in-law Ranjev Malik’s reaction exclusively, wherein he said that his daughter Avantika Malik (who has been staying separately from Imran) was keen that her husband should continue to act while Imran was more interested in writing and direction.

Why Imran Khan quit acting: Friend Akshay Oberoi tells the full story


A few days ago, we had the opportunity to have a long chat with Imran’s close friend Akshay Oberoi on #HowIMadeIt– who was recently seen in MX Player’s web show ‘High’. In fact it was Akshay only who had dropped the bomb in one of his recent interviews. While talking to Akshay about his career journey which has had its fair share of struggle, we asked him if Imran used to advise him in his career. Said Akshay, “Imran started on a very big note with a big film ‘Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na’, Aamir Khan and rivalry with Ranbir Kapoor. There was a lot of media hype and PR around him. What was right for me to do wasn’t right for him- like the roles I did in ‘Piku’, ‘Fitoor’ and ‘Pizza’ and went back to theatre. Those things would have been completely wrong for a huge star. Of course, our talk has often about movies but you see, we were coming from two completely different directions. So, it was difficult for him to advise me. I may have called him on an odd occasion or two for advice and it’s like how sometimes I call my Dad, but that’s about it.”

Reminiscing how and where his friendship with Imran began, Akshay told us, “It all began at Kishore Namit Kapoor classes in 2001-2002. The moment I met him, I knew he was going to be my friend. 18 years down the line and we have been through so much- marriage, kids- but we are still thick as hell. He is a very big part of my life.”

Did he advise Imran ever, as he had seen the rough road more closely? Akshay replied, “We had quite a few long chats. Imran had seen the passion it takes for acting. He had his priorities in the right place. He knew he was more interested in writing and directing movies. He is someone who is not caught up in wrong things. He’s a very smart kid. He felt that he tried acting, enjoyed it but it was not for him. He is a very graceful person and he sized it up. He didn’t want to do it and decided to put in his energy elsewhere. And, that was great. A lot of people don’t have the ability to do that; they think more about what family will say, what the people will say.”

The story further goes that ‘Katti Batti‘ was Imran’s last film but he decided to quit acting even before it hit theatres. “Yes, it was before ‘Katti Batti’ released. I think he realised that he’s not getting a kick out of this. Acting is a profession with so many rejections, so much heartache. An actor is so much out there. You may not know much about your banker, but for an actor, his resume is written on his forehead. Imran felt that one needs deep amount of love for acting and that he didn’t enjoy the process.”

Added Akshay, “But neversay never. Who knows, one day he says if he gets some role, he would want to try it. And I hope he does.”

Source From : Times Of India

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