‘Will leave politics if…’: Punjab CM vs Haryana CM over farmers’ stir

‘Will leave politics if…’: Punjab CM vs Haryana CM over farmers’ stir

NEW DELHI: The massive protest march by farmers over the new agricultural reforms on Thursday triggered a heated exchange between the chief ministers of Punjab and Haryana.
Earlier in the day, Amarinder Singh, the chief minister of Congress-ruled Punjab, lashed out at the BJP-led government in Haryana for stopping farmers from moving towards Delhi, saying the use of “brute force” against them is “totally undemocratic and unconstitutional”
Live updates: Farmers’ stir
Haryana has completely sealed its borders with Punjab to prevent farmers from entering the state for their ‘Delhi Chalo’ protest march against the Centre’s farm laws on November 26-27.
“Why is @mlkhattar govt in Haryana stopping the farmers from moving to Delhi? The tyrannical use of brute force against peacefully protesting farmers is totally undemocratic & unconstitutional,” said Singh in a tweet.

He said farmers have been peacefully protesting in Punjab against the farm laws for two months.
In a sharp response, Haryana chief minister ML Khattar said that he has been trying to reach out to Amarinder for three days but he has remained unavailable and urged him to avoid “cheap politics” at the time of pandemic.
“I’ve been trying to reach out to you for the last 3 days but sadly you decided to stay unreachable – is this how serious you are for farmer’s issues? You’re only tweeting and running away from talks, Why,” Khattar asked on Twitter.

“Time for your Lies, Deception and Propaganda is over – let the people see your real face. Please stop putting the lives of people in danger during the Corona pandemic. I urge you to not play with the lives of the people – atleast avoid cheap politics during the time of pandemic,” Khattar added.
The Haryana chief minister asserted that he will leave politics if there is any trouble over the MSP and asked Amarinder to “stop inciting innocent farmers”.
Moments later, Amarinder said he is shocked at Khattar’s response, adding that his Haryana counterpart should have tried to talk to the farmers in his state before their protest march.
“Shocked at your response ML Khattar Ji. It’s the farmers who’ve to be convinced on MSP, not me. You should’ve tried to talk to them before their Dilli Chalo. And if you think I’m inciting farmers then why are Haryana farmers also marching to Delhi,” Amarinder said.
The Haryana Police on Thursday used water cannons and tear gas to disperse a group of farmers from Punjab who allegedly tried to jump police barricades to enter Haryana as part of their ‘Delhi Chalo’ march.
Farmers are marching towards Delhi to protest the Centre’s new farm laws.
Protesting farmers have expressed apprehension that the Centre’s farm laws would pave the way for the dismantling of the minimum support price system, leaving them at the “mercy” of big corporates.
The government has maintained that farm laws will bring farmers better opportunities and usher in new technologies in agriculture.
(With inputs from PTI)

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