Accenture pays bonus, plans more promotions

Accenture pays bonus, plans more promotions

BENGALURU: Accenture has rolled out bonuses to a majority of its two lakh employees in India and plans a significant level of promotions in the December cycle. The biannual bonus payout in November was at 75% of the target amount, which sources said is higher than what was paid in May. The company has given salary increases to junior and mid-level employees in the range of 6%-11%, sources told TOI.
Accenture did not comment on the quantum of the bonus payouts, hikes or the number of promotions it plans to give. “In addition to training, we have given meaningful pay raises and bonuses aligned to our fiscal year 2020 performance. We are planning for a significant level of promotions in our December cycle and remain deeply committed to pay equity,” the company’s spokesperson said.
In September, TOI wrote that Accenture is laying off 5% of its global workforce. India has two lakh of its five lakh employees, and 5% of that would mean 10,000 employees. Many technology companies are laying off people in areas they have less business in, while hiring in areas of demand, such as new digital technologies.
Accenture continues to hire tech talent in India. The company said it has also delivered on its training commitments to its people. “We increased training hours by 6%, spending approximately $900 million and leveraging our robust digital learning platforms. Since March 1, 2020, in our technology services alone, we trained more than 70,000 of our people in the hot skills needed by our clients, including cloud and infrastructure collaboration tools,” the company said.

Source From : Times Of India

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