Saroj Khan’s daughter on 29 yrs of ‘Lamhe’

Saroj Khan’s daughter on 29 yrs of ‘Lamhe’

Lamhe‘, which completed 29 years today, was not an easy film to make for two reasons- Sridevi‘s father had passed away and she had to return back to India from UK and go back again; it was a bold topic much ahead of its time. This Yash Chopra film, like many of his others, is still one that can be watched many times.
We were talking to Saroj Khan‘s daughter Sukaina a few minutes ago and she revealed that ‘Lamhe’ was unarguably one of her mother’s favourite movies. “My mother loved the the part in the song where Sridevi has her head on Anil Kapoor‘s chest in the ‘Kabhi Main Kahoon’ song. What a fantastic song and what a fantastic top shot that was taken. My mother did it from a helicopter and the top shot was her idea.”said Sukaina.

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She revealed that Saroj Khan also loved the funny medley that Sridevi and Anupam Kher enacted to make Anil Kapoor get a little cheerful. Coincidentally, Anupam Kher had also reminisced the same medley via a tweet, this morning.
“My mother used to relish seeing those expressions on Sridevi and Kher’s faces during the medley,” Sukaina added. Saroj Khan and family were witness to these two scenes from ‘Lamhe’ as Sarojji would play them very often when she was at home.

Source From : Times Of India

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