CAT 2020: Expert tips & strategies to secure good marks

CAT 2020: Expert tips & strategies to secure good marks

With just 10 days remaining for the CAT 2020, a lot of hustle-bustle is a common thing to happen among the CAT aspirants. For those who are taking the CAT for the first time, we suggest to avoid being anxious at any stage, all will be well. Being anxious is justified to some extent as this is the first time people are completely unaware about the number of questions that will be asked in the CAT 2020.

CAT 2020 is scheduled to be conducted on 29 November 2020. As a part of major changes in the exam pattern of CAT 2020, the test duration has reduced significantly straight by 1 hour and the test will now be held in 3 time slots instead of 2 (as was the case till CAT 2019). Also, the number of test centres have been increased by two-folds to ensure maximum safety to all the test takers and the staff at test centres.

For the last 10 days before the CAT Exam day, we suggest you to follow the tips and strategies suggested by Gradeup expert faculties who themselves have taken the CAT exam several times and scored 99%ile or more (overall or sectional).

Expert Tips and Strategies for CAT 2020

Don’t take up anything NEW:
This is the time to focus and revise the concepts you have already learned. No new concepts should be taken up at this time. Taking up new concepts will only lead to confusion and create a mess in your head.

Don’t Rush: While taking the CAT 2020, one must remain calm and composed. Reading questions/comprehension in a rush might lead you to miss on something that is important for that question. Therefore, it is very important not to lose your cool and take up things with the right approach.

Don’t Answer ALL the Questions: It is very important for all the test takers to understand the concept of Negative marking. Marking doubtful answers to the questions you are not sure about is the biggest mistake one can make. As if that answer gets wrong, 1 mark will be deducted from the total marks scored. Therefore it is suggested to leave the question ‘unanswered’ if you are not sure about the correct response of that question.

Answer first, questions you are sure about: When the CAT 2020 test begins, it is very important to answer all the questions first which you are sure about. This will help you boost your confidence and will spread a whole lot of positivity within you. This positivity will help you answer tough questions with even greater ease.

Lastly, take good care of yourself, Staying well just before the exams is very crucial for aspirants. One must take meals on-time. Also, it is very important to take nutritious diets and to avoid taking fast-food or anything that might cause health-disorders. It is also very essential to take proper sleep. It helps you refresh your mind and enhances the capacity of your brain. Source From : Times Of India

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