Delhi sees fastest Covid rise in Nov; Pune still worst-hit metro

Delhi sees fastest Covid rise in Nov; Pune still worst-hit metro

Delhi and Kolkata have seen the fastest rise in Covid cases and deaths in November among India’s largest megapolises, but Pune continues to have the highest number of total cases and deaths per million and Ahmedabad by far the highest case fatality rate.
After touching the highest number of daily cases on November 14, Delhi numbers are showing signs of abating over the last three days, though whether that is the usual dip over the weekend, and due to festivals, remains to be seen. In Kolkata, the numbers started declining from November 4, when it touched an all-time high of 2,473 cases.
Different metros hit their peak load of daily cases at different points of time. Ahmedabad hit it as far back as in May, Chennai in July and Bangalore in October. Mumbai and Pune hit it in September, after which there has been a steady decline in numbers. However, Delhi, after showing a declining trend from the last week of September till about October 12, witnessed a steady and unrelenting rise in cases leading to extreme shortage of hospitals beds, which forced the central government to step in to help boost hospital capacity.

Case fatality rate (CFR), or the number of deaths for every hundred cases, has come down in all eight cities. In most cities, CFR was highest in May and June. Since then, it has come down considerably. Despite the sudden surge in Delhi in both cases and deaths, it remains among the cities with lowest CFR of 1.6, though even that is higher than the national CFR of about 1.5. Only Bangalore among these eight cities has a lower CFR (1.1) than Delhi.
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Though Ahmedabad continues to have the highest CFR of 4, it is a huge improvement over a CFR of 7 in the second week of June. Moreover, the total number of fresh daily cases in Ahmedabad is now just a couple of hundreds compared to the metros with thousands of cases per day. Kolkata too has seen a drastic fall in CFR from 11.6 in May to 2.3 now.
Pune, Mumbai and Chennai, in that order, continue to have the highest deaths per million. But Bangalore has the highest cases per million after Pune. Of the country’s nine largest urban agglomerations – cities and their contiguous urban areas like Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai – each with a population of over 5 million at the time of the 2011 census, data was not available for Hyderabad, which has therefore not been included in this analysis.

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