Karnataka School Reopening: Stakeholders tells govt to resume classes

Karnataka School Reopening: Stakeholders tells govt to resume classes

BENGALURU: Most stakeholders in the education sector, including parents of students facing board exams, want schools to reopen, department officials said on Tuesday.

Following a consultation exercise initiated by the Karnataka government last week, the commissioner of public instruction submitted a report to the principal secretary of the primary and secondary education department late on Monday.

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The department will consult with RTE students’ parents association on Wednesday. Their views will be added to the report.

The report is expected to reach primary and secondary education minister S Suresh Kumar on Wednesday.

Schools are ready to reopen if govt takes responsibility for situation.

“Almost all stakeholders, especially parents of students in classes 10 and 12, are extremely worried about schools continuing to remain closed,” an education department official said. “Board exams are nearing and reopening is inevitable, they feel. Parents say other states have reopened schools and our students need these board exam marks to appear for competitive exams which their peers from other states take.”

According to the official, parents say the government cannot scrap exams and exams cannot take place without classes. “School Development Monitoring Committees were vocal about it. They say that ‘except schools everything is open. What’s the point in keeping schools closed’,” the official said.

Besides parents and school managements, seven government departments, including transport, health, social welfare and rural development, were consulted. All of them are on board with schools reopening. “However, we need to look at the reality and have suggested workable solutions,” the official said.

TOI had reported last week that schools might reopen by December for higher classes.

Private school managements told the commissioner that they are prepared to reopen for higher classes and follow standard operating procedure issued by the Centre, provided their demands are met.

“We suggested a shift system, alternate days or an option of regular and online classes,” said D Shashi Kumar, secretary, Associated Managements of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka. “We proposed only three hours of classes in the first month. We have also sought free Covid testing for teachers and students and the government should take responsibility of the situation.”

The MICSA (Management of Independent CBSE Schools’ Association) told the commissioner they are ready to reopen for classes 9-12 with parental consent.

The primary schoolteachers’ association has also expressed interest in getting children back into schools. “We had told the minister that it has been a long time since children have been off learning and they need to be back. However, the department is not keen on reopening schools immediately,” said association members.

Source From : Times Of India

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