Shilpa picks up an outfit of a 14-year-old

Shilpa picks up an outfit of a 14-year-old

The lean and fit Shilpa Shetty made heads turn as she walked into a Juhu store, a few days back. The store in question houses mainly readymade outfits of khadi and more Indian variety. The ‘Baazigar‘ actress was wearing camouflage track pants and a lovely top and something funny happened as the clock rolled by.
An eyewitness tells us, “Shilpa soon started looking around for dresses she wanted to pick up. In quite a short span of time, she had zeroed down on several things. Finalising what she wanted to take and what she didn’t want to, she proceeded to the cash counter. At the cash counter, her eyes fell on a blue outfit. She seemed to quite like it, when a staff member of the shop standing a few paces away, came up to her and said, Ma’am, yeh 14/15-year-olds ke liye hai. Shilpa smiled and said, almost just to herself but pretty audible to those who were near her, Mujhe fit ho jayega.”

A statement apparently made in jest and fun! Or, was it a statement on the lines of how most of us pretend as if we know what we are doing when we’re caught on the wrong foot?

Next, the bill was Rs 65,000- but not before Shilpa asked the cashier, ‘Where’s my discount?’. A discount of 10 per cent was rendered. All said and done, we asked if did Shilpa buy that outfit of a 14/15 year old? Says the eyewitness, “No, she did not.”

Source From : Times Of India

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