Tabu on why Ajay is the reason she is single

Tabu on why Ajay is the reason she is single

Tabu and Ajay Devgn have not only been childhood friends but also co-stars in several of their films. In one of the throwback interviews, Tabu had held Ajay responsible for her single status and the reason is sure to crack you up!
In an interview with a news portal, Tabu had revealed that Ajay and she went a really long way back, from the time we were 13 or 14. Ajay is her brother’s childhood friend and because they all grew up together in a locality in Juhu, he was always a part of the whole boys’ gang while she and her friends were just giggling girls, hanging around and trying to get some attention.

Elaborating further, Tabu added that when she was young, her cousin Sameer Arya and Ajay would spy on her, follow her around and threaten to beat up any boys who are caught talking to the actress. She added that they were the big bullies and if she is single today, it is because of Ajay. The actress also stated that she hopes Ajay repents and regrets what he did.

Tabu has always hailed Ajay as a co-star. According to her, if there is anyone she can count on, it is Ajay. He is a like a child and yet so protective. Tabu revealed that the atmosphere on set when he’s around is stress-free. She added that they share a unique relationship and an unconditional affection.

Source From : Times Of India

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