Rakul Preet Singh on #WorldVeganDay

Rakul Preet Singh on #WorldVeganDay

November 1 is celebrated as World’s Vegan Day. While many famous personalities across the world turned vegan for the aforementioned benefits, there are a handful of Bollywood celebs who have chosen veganism as their way of life. One such celeb is Rakul Preet Singh, who is one of the leading actors in the acting industry. As today she celebrates a year of veganism journey, ETimes got in touch with the ‘De De Pyaar De’ actress for a candid conversation.
“Nobody can force you to leave meat and adopt a lifestyle, it’s a calling,” says the gorgeous diva, Rakul Preet Singh. Today, on the world’s vegan day, the actress in an exclusive chat, opened up about her experience with veganism and how the new lifestyle has changed her life.

When did you decide to turn Vegan?
Turning Vegan was not on mind but it was a sudden calling that I got. I just stopped feeling the desire to eat non-vegetarian food. I was a non-vegetarian all my life as I come from a Punjabi family and as I got more into meditation, I just started feeling the difference on the days when my diet was vegetarian. Although I was never somebody who was every meal, meat-eater. But I felt nicer when I had Vegan food, so I gave it a thought. Initially, I tried it for a month and I felt better, my skin was glowing and I was feeling lighter. The very exciting thing was when I started eating my dal, chawal, sabzi, and not put on weight. I was on the contrary shedding weight initially in spite of a large number of carbs so I was the happiest person when I turned vegan.

What prompted you to turn vegan
Turning Vegan as I said earlier helped me in my skin feeling better, my body turning lighter, digestion being much easier, me being happier as I got have my favourite food. Dal chawal, the food that I have grown up eating. I just cannot eat grills and those fancy foods. So going back to eating everything that I grew up on that was very exciting. I think, when your mind is happy your heart is happy in general, it has a very positive impact on everything that you do, and as I said, the calling happened when I was more into meditation. So I also felt that the energy you exude and feel is more positive. You are not consuming any dead animal. When you consume a dead animal, you tend to consume their negative vibes is what I have read.

How has being vegan changed your life
Just because the term is new to many people, they think, the vegan recipes are very complicated and often ask who will give that food. But I think, our Indian vegetarian cooking is largely vegan if you don’t make the choice of dairy.

How difficult is it to maintain a vegan lifestyle since you also travel so much?
To all the people who want to turn Vegan, all I want to say is, firstly, it is not complicated as in Indian food, you get a lot of options in Vegan and secondly, think of how your body would feel, try it for yourself, try it for at least a month and notice the change in you and if the changes excite you and are having a positive impact on you than you may continue or else choose a lifestyle that makes you happy.

For anyone who wants to go vegan what word of advice do you have
I think any sort of lifestyle change happens only when truly you wanted to happen. Nobody can force you to leave meat and adopt a lifestyle, its a calling.
Source From : Times Of India

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