Air India aircraft technicians threaten stir – Times of India

Air India aircraft technicians threaten stir – Times of India

MUMBAI: Air India aircraft maintenance technicians, employees who are on fixed term contract with the national carrier, have threatened to go on strike on January 17 over long-pending issues such as employment contract renewal, salary revision and like. Among the jobs handled by aircraft maintenance technicians are aircraft fueling and readying for departure, marshaling, maintenance jobs etc. “Most of us earn minimum wage of Rs 25,000 and despite that the airline included our salaries too for cuts imposed under economic measures. Since May 2020, a sum of out of Rs 1100 is being deducted from our salary. We have demanded a reimbursement,” said a technician, requesting anonymity. He added that about 1,700 of them across India will opt for a “tool down” agitation a week from now. On Monday, a letter listing their demands was sent to the CEO of Air India Engineering Services Ltd (AIESL), the airline’s engineering subsidiary. The said technicians comprise about 50 % of AIESL staffer, said an Air India source. “Many of us have completed five years with Air India and our contracts will come up for renewal. The airline management has been silent on our long pending queries,” the technician added.

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