Kumkum files complaint against Luviena Lodh

Kumkum files complaint against Luviena Lodh

Producer Kumkum Saigal has filed an official complaint with the Additional Commissioner of Police against Luviena Lodh alleging extortion.
In her long complaint, Kumkum mentioned that as her son has tested positive for coronavirus, her family has been quarantined and that is why she is filing a complaint via email. According to the complaint, Sumit Sabherwal was allowed to use her son Sahil Saigal’s flat in Andheri after his marriage to Luviena. However, he started having trouble in his marriage and Luviena filed an FIR against him in 2016. Following the same, he left the premises but Luviena refused to vacate the premise under one pretext or the other. The report also alleged that she has been enjoying her stay with her family members. Kumkum has now filed an eviction suit against her at the City Civil court.


The complaint also stated that the video circulated by Luviena has caused her family and her great deal of injury to mind and reputation. She also said that the stress it caused has had an adverse effect on her health.

The complaint alleged that Luviena has orchestrated a well planned conspiracy against her family with sole and ulterior motive of extorting them

This comes after Luviena shared a one minute, 48-second video on her verified Instagram page claiming that Mahesh Bhatt has been harassing her. She also mentioned that If something should happen to her and her family, the only people who are responsible are Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt, Sumit Sabharwal, Sahil Saigal, and Kumkum Saigal.

Source From : Times Of India

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