Assam, Nagaland to withdraw forces to reduce border tensions

Assam, Nagaland to withdraw forces to reduce border tensions

NEW DELHI: Assam and Nagaland have agreed to “move back” their security personnel from the current location to their base camps in a bid to reduce tensions at the border.
“In a major breakthrough towards de-escalating tensions at Assam-Nagaland border, the two Chief Secretaries have arrived at an understanding to immediately withdraw states’ forces from border locations to their respective base camps,” wrote Sarma.

The chief secretaries of the two states held a meeting today to deescalate the tense situation prevailing in two locations.
“Both sides agreed that in order to maintain peace and tranquillity in the areas around Ao Senden village and Vikuto Village as they are known in Nagaland, and known as Jankhona Nala / Nagajankha (26°36’52.9’N 94°2227.3″E) and Compartment No. 12(26°34’33.7’N 94°19’05.9’E) respectively in Assam, urgent and effective steps are required for defusing the stand off between the security forces of Nagaland and Assam,” the two states said in a joint statement tweeted by Sarma.
The withdrawal of the security personnel shall be completed in the next 24 hours, the statement said.
The border dispute between Assam and Nagaland began soon after Nagaland became a state in 1963. The Nagaland State Act of 1962 had defined the state’s borders according to a 1925 notification when Naga Hills and Tuensang Area were integrated into a new administrative unit.
Nagaland, however, did not accept the boundary delineation and demanded that the new state should also have all Naga-dominated area in North Cachar and Nagaon districts of Assam.
Major clashes on the inter-state border took place several times since 1965.
(With inputs from PTI)

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