Nawaz’s wife on withdrawing divorce notice

Nawaz’s wife on withdrawing divorce notice

Nawazuddin Siddiqui hit headlines last year when his wife Aaliya sent him a notice for divorce. But the couple has now decided to give their marriage a second chance. Aaliya told ETimes, “Because of the kids, both of us are rethinking. It feels wrong, hence we thought of trying again. Kids must get the love of both the parents and they are also growing up. Shora is very attached to her father and it is very difficult to answer her questions. We had not told her anything, but she came to know later. She used to stay upset and it affected her studies as well.”
Shora and Yani are currently staying with Nawazuddin, as he shoots in Lucknow. “I called Nawaz about my diagnosis of Covid-19 and he approached me positively. He immediately sent his manager to get the kids and he is taking care of them now. This is for the first time I have had such a major illness and I got to see a different side of Nawaz. He is shooting, while also managing the kids. I took the first step and said that we must do something about our issues and he also felt the same. We spoke to each other and took things ahead,” says Aaliya

When asked if they are planning to stay together for the sake of the kids, Aaliya shares, “We have not thought about that, but we will come together to sort out all the problems. I am staying positive as both of us are working towards improving our relationship. He is also putting in efforts and if things work out then we will start staying together also in the future. He is taking good care of the kids and me too, so I can feel that he respects his wife. I am experiencing something that I have never seen before. Change is good and we must give a second chance. Problems are there but love remains. I have been with him since 16 years.”

In the meantime, Nawaz and Aaliya’s daughter Shora is enjoying her presence on Instagram. She continues to make entertaining clips and posts for the photo-sharing site. “She enjoys all this nautanki. This has happened recently because Shora didn’t have a phone. We gave her a phone during lockdown but then I took it back. But now when I got Covid, she got a phone to stay in touch with me. And that time she started doing all this,” concludes Aaliya.

While the kids are enjoying with Nawaz, Aaliya has recovered from Covid and is busy working on her next production venture. Aaliya is planning to make a film on Teejan Bai and has roped in a popular face too for the biopic.

Source From : Times Of India

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