Anu Aggarwal: Self love is mother of all love

Anu Aggarwal: Self love is mother of all love

Anu Aggarwal who claimed fame with Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Aashiqui‘ opposite Rahul Roy is an epitome of grace and resilience. Today on the account of International Women‘s Day, the actress shared a secret mantra for all the women in the world on how to live an enriching life and earn what they deserve. “Self-love is the mother of all kinds of love,” Anu stated delightfully.
The entire film industry knows how the actress battled the life-threatening accident that took place in 1999 and how with self love and healing, she emerged as a winner today. Aggarwal feels that only self-love will help a women to get that love and respect which she expects from others. “A woman will have to accept and love herself first to get that from the world around her. Because, it is not her looks that will take her forward till the end, her self-worth will,” the actress signed off with a smile.

Anu Aggarwal, who became an overnight sensation with the success of her debut film ‘Aashiqui’ later on starred in films like ‘King Uncle’, ‘Khal Naaikaa’, ‘Return of Jewel Thief‘ etc.

Source From : Times Of India

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