Shamas on Nawazuddin–Aaliya’s patch up

Shamas on Nawazuddin–Aaliya’s patch up

It’s perhaps falling into place as far as Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s rocky marriage with Aaliya is concerned. We at ETimes first brought you an exclusive chat with Aaliya wherein she revealed her daughter Shora‘s love for her father and said albeit indirectly that warring with Nawaz and his family had made her realise that it would be rather better if she let bygones be bygones. We now bring you another exclusive on this family feud wherein Nawaz’s brother Shamas (who was one of the main bones of contention) reacts to the white flag waved by Aaliya.
Talking to us from Dubai, Shamas says, “I read the news and I want to speak. I want to say that Nawaz and Aaliya’s kids (Shora and her younger brother Yaani) should get their rightful share of love from both their parents. My issues should not come in their way. I have separate and different issues with Aaliya. I had put money in her film project and the matter is in Court. I will take the next step only after I consult my lawyers Mr Deepesh Mehta and Mr Kaushal Thakkar.”

Being at loggerheads with Aaliya does not seem to be Shamas’ main agenda now if at all it was before. Continues Shamas, “I am focusing only on my career, currently. After all, I have been in the industry for 16 years. After directing shows on TV, I want to direct films now.”
Praising his brother, Shamas hinted that Nawaz is ready to take a step towards Aaliya. “Nawaz ek acha insaan hai. His speciality is that he never leaves anybody in the lurch,” he said.

Concluding by elaborating on his relationship with Yaani and Shora, Shamas said, “I love these two kids very much. I can do anything for them. They too love me a lot and everyone (in the family) knows this. Nawaz bhai is the head of the family and whatever is good and right for him will be good and right for us too.”

Source From : Times Of India

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