Vikas: Was told ‘pay or we’ll destroy you’

Vikas: Was told ‘pay or we’ll destroy you’

Chef-turned-filmmaker Vikas Khanna has shared his first-hand encounter with a certain group of film industry ‘minions’ who asked him for money if he didn’t wish to be ‘destroyed’.
In a Tweet, the new filmmaker shared his shock and hurt when he was told, “Pay or we’ll destroy you.”

“When I used to hear @KanganaTeam speak ab(out) this issue of critics & favouritism & nepotism it used to hurt my heart,” he said in a tweet, tagging actress Kangana Ranaut, who has been very vocal about the issue that came to light after actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise.

“But today I experience it first hand. Minions won’t let outsiders enter even if they put their heart & soul in the craft. It’s painful to hear ‘Pay or we’ll destroy you,’” Vikas said in his Tweet.

The post caught the attention of several fans and social media followers, who slammed such behaviour. Even filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri left a comment that read, “More power to you.”

Among the many tweets that came his way, was that of a man who expressed his shock and asked Vikas to “name and shame” the people who made such a demand. “Pls expose, it won’t end until these people are named and shamed ..if these ppl can attempt to pull down a popular, successful and talented person like you, can’t even imagine what newcomers in many such situations must be facing!! Shocked,” he said in his tweet.

Replying to the post, Vikas said, “Manish ji. This is what breaks my heart. I can endure a lot because I have your support. But for newcomers, it is very very tough due to these minions.”

In another tweet, he added, “While many critics are asking for money or they will give me 2 Stars or destroy my movie or not give me AWARDS I ONLY care for my viewers & not reviewers My Award is YOUR love.”

Source From : Times Of India

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