Diljit & Kangana engage in another spat

Diljit & Kangana engage in another spat

On Wednesday, Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh were once again back to their online feud after the ‘Queen’ actress took a dig at Dosanjh with some fresh tweets on the ongoing farmersprotest in India against the Centre’s new farm bills.
She wrote, “@diljitdosanjh ji I am simply asking what exactly you don’t like about the #FarmBills2020 ? For example I like the fact that now farmers can sell their produce any where in the country, just how you can earn money anywhere in the country, I also like the fact they can choose to skip the middle man and sell their products directly to corporates or consumers, everyone feels these are revolutionary steps taken by the government to help miserable condition of farmers in India, then why are you provoking protests? Please help me understand your POV.”

To this, Diljit took to his Twitter and responded in Punjabi, “Vaise Tan Mainu Lagda Bai Tainu Samjhaiye Yaan Dasiye EH Zaruri Ni.. Tu Avi Na authority Bani Jaya Kar Har Gal Ch. Changa.. Fer V Sara Din Tu Yaad Kardi rehni an Mainu Pata Lagga .. Ah Ley Kadh Time Fer Sunn Kan Laa Ke. ( By the way I don’t think I owe you any explanation.. Now stop pretending to be an authority on all matters. Great..Still it seems like you are obsessed with me.. so here you go, take some time and listen to this..). He also shared a news report on the same issues of farmers in Punjabi.

“This is how you all have been misleading innocent farmers,who is this man in the video making up stories if this happens then that will happen and if that happens then this might happen.Why is he indulging in fear mongering based on his own assumptions? Stop misleading farmers” wrote back Kangana once again.

Earlier on the same day, Kangana had accused Diljit and Priyanka Chopra and tweeted, “मैं चाहती हूँ कि @diljitdosanjh और @priyankachopra जी जो किसानों केलिये लोकल क्रांतिकारियों की भूमिका में दिखे कम से कम एक विडीओ की माध्यम से किसानों को ये तो बताएँ की उनको विरोध किस बात का करना है,दोनों किसानों को भड़काकर ग़ायब हो गए हैं, और देखो किसानों की और देश की ये हालत है (I want that Diljit Dosanjh and Priyanka Chopra who have been seen as local revolutionaries by the farmers , should atleast make one video for the farmers on what they should be protesting. After provoking farmers, both have now disappeared and now look at the condition of the farmers and the country.”

Within a few hours, Diljit wrote back to the actress, “Disappeared Wala Tan Bulekha Hee Kadh Deo.. Naley Kon Desh Premi Te Kon Desh Virodhi Eh Decide Karn Da Hakk Ehnu Kiney De Ta? Eh Kithey Di Authority aa? Farmers Nu Desh Virodhi Kehn ton Paihlan Sharm Kar Lao Koi Maadi Moti ( Forget about disappearing.. but who gave her the right to decide who’s a traitor or nationalist of this country? Where is this authority coming from? Before calling farmers traitors of this country have some shame at least.”

Source From : Times Of India

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