#AgainstAllOdds! Adhyayan on his journey

#AgainstAllOdds! Adhyayan on his journey

When life gives us a second chance, we tend to make the most of it, without having the fear of uncertainty. Because we have often been through circumstances we never thought of facing or dealing with. And it’s true, more often than not we come across such people, such personalities who have opened up about such circumstances, which have allowed them to emerge as champions and have proved the world and to themselves what they are truly capable of. As we bring you such stories from the world of glamour, we stumbled across one of the most humble, promising and a go-getter personality Adhyayan Suman, who has had his own share of highs and lows.
Believing in the power of second chances, Adhyayan is currently ruling hearts all over the country with his on-screen personality as ‘Tinka Singh’, for Mx Player’s web series ‘Aashram’. ETimes got in touch with him to congratulate him on his journey, his come-back, and the preparations he’s taken to bring in the authenticity of his character in the show. He also opened up about his struggles, his inclination towards music, which has allowed him to make a mark for himself in the industry.

Adhyayan Suman: For a long point of time, I haven't got the right kind of work that I've wanted for so many years


Believing in 2nd chances
The ‘Heartless’ actor strongly believes in the power of second chances. He said, “This is the most beautiful part about life. Life gives you a second chance. But you just have to stick to you know. Just, you know, just the world is going to tell you you’re a failure..
unka kaam hi hai kehna..neecha dikhana…aapko ghatiya feel karana..because woh log khud non-achievers hai life mein..they don’t like the fact that you’re able to fight it out. They don’t like the fact that you are a winner. The fact that I was given a lot of trouble, in the beginning of my career is a reason why I was able to get back and prove them wrong. It would be disrespectful to take names from the industry”.

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He also shared that he is extremely fortunate to be a part of ‘Aashram’. “Today, the success of ‘Aashram says it all’. Today, today, my success in my music says it all. I’m not saying it out of arrogance. I’m saying out of the fact that I believed in myself and I’m out there. And now there’s a certain amount of you know, success and love that has come my way is because I worked hard for it. If they hadn’t said that. I probably would have not caught the fire in me to get back I mean, fight, you know, and then they kept knocking me and I kept getting back up,” commented Adhyayan.

Dealing with setbacks and failures

The young actor has been extremely bold and sportive, when it came to dealing with his inner struggles. He stated “I think you need to understand one thing that when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, you have to be very real with yourself, what’s one thing that’s very important. I have felt all these years, this 10 years, my frustration is not that I had that I don’t know my job,my frustration has always been that I haven’t been given the right job”.


Before venturing into the music indusry, Adhyayan had been scared initially. He shared, “It is very important to not be delusional about who you are. And you need to understand your limitations. And if you have your limitations, then you have to work on them. And then you have to grow further as an as an artist, as an actor, I was afraid the fact that if I get into singing, people are gonna be like, Arey filmon main fail ho gaya, isle gaana gaara hain aake.. I didn’t stop any way anywhere down the line.”

“You just have to be very positive. And I know it’s very easy. It’s easier said than done. That is why I kept trying and music it happened and from music ‘Aashram happened and then got back again. You have to keep working,” he commented.

Bumpy rides

It wasn’t really a cake walk for the star kid to craft his presence in this industry. Adhyayan’s battle with depression, and not getting the right work, worried him to an extent, where he had hit rock bottom. Speaking about that he opened up. “I think I’ve spoken a lot about the fact of about my depression and anxiety. And that is obviously correlated to the fact that the work wasn’t happening. There were certain perceptions being created my name being linked up for so many years to people , I didn’t want to be associated with… there’s a lot that happened over these years, which of course, was an amazing journey to learn from”


He also added, “I’ve learned to not regret anything. There were difficult things for us to come out of. And for me, that is victory. For me that is success – the fact that I’ve survived and I’ve come out of it. I’m working again. And that’s why I keep saying that I can’t be more thankful. Why I’m not elaborating on the about my past because it’s gone, it’s done. You know, I just want you to know that it was a tough phase, but it’s over now. So there’s no point discussing negative things in life anymore”.

Making heads turn in the entertainment as well as the music industry

Adhyayan’s new found passion allowed to him rule hearts and touch millions of hearts with his soulful voice. When asked about reflecting on his journey with concern to music he joyfully shared, “Music happened to me at a point where I was not getting enough work as an actor. Honestly speaking, that there’s nothing to lie about it and and I was at a point where I was at my wit’s end”


And I was thinking, what the hell am I gonna do now, you know, I’m 30 and nothing’s happening and it’s not moving forward. I began very early in my career. I’ve had my own set of bumps and stuff like that. And I’ve been fighting that depression, anxiety issues, problems, personal professional, then a point arose, ‘boss, you need to come out of this, if people are not going to give you work, you need to create work for yourself so that people eventually notice you and give you work’ ..My entire goal is to always be an actor first. Music happened and then music also became life. And then music started doing extremely well. And because of music, I have also been able to get ‘Aashram’. Because, I was feeling so anxious, and so depressed a couple of years ago,.. music really helped me calm down, and stay focused, and I had faith. And that faith has always been there. And I’m glad that even people have… I wouldn’t call myself the biggest star in the country right now. But it’s just a beginning.

Meeting Prakash Jha and being a part of the project

Adhyayan also took a trip down the memory lane, reminiscing his first meeting with Prakash Jha. He shared, “When I walked up to Prakash Ji for the first time, because ‘Tinka Singh’ is a rock star, I showed him my music videos, and he looked at one of my very successful music videos called ‘Sonyo. 2.0′”.


“It’s a dream come true to be able to work with him. And I’m so glad that he gave me this opportunity because you know, we knock on so many doors when we are down and out. And not many people want to open the door for you. And Mr. Prakash Jha decided to open his door for me, you know, so I’d always be eternally grateful to him, for giving me that role” an elated Adhyayan shared.

Filled with gratitude and love Adhyayan shared, “I’m very grateful and thankful that people don’t get opportunities again, in the industry, people don’t get loved again. But the amount of love that I’ve been receiving post ‘Aashram’, and life has opened up and I’m working,..the most important part is not to be a star, the most important part is that I’m working. I’m doing good work and having to live my dream every single day, I wake up and go on set. And, you know, I am given so much respect by my producers, by directors, actors, and that’s good enough for me, man, to be very honest, at this point of my life”.

Working with Bobby Deol and other co-actors

When asked about his equation with co-actors he shared, he had an endearing and very delightful experience working wih Bobby Deol and other stars. “It was a wonderful experience because, on that set, there was no sense of hierarchy…it’s a wholesome cast where no one will look down upon the fact that somebody maybe was a bigger star than somebody was a smaller star”


He also added, “I think the fact that Prakash Jha breaks that stereotypical hierarchy, on sets is something that I really love. He sat with all of us, we all sat with each other. And that is why we were so comfortable, you know, having to perform and we all perform for, for ourselves and for each other. And for the show. This is very important to not be absolutely self absorbed and so selfish, in wanting to get the best out of yourself,….you need to also get the best out of the co-star. And yeah, so I think that is something that was wonderful”.

Being the talk of the town as ‘Tinka Singh’

When asked abut his character as Tinka Singh, Adhyayan shared with excitement, ”
Hum ko toh pata hi nahi, Adhyayan Suman hai..humko toh laga Tinka Singh koi aur hi actor hai…the fact that they are not able to recognise recognise me as who I am…as an actor, I think that is the biggest, I think victory for me. I just realised that the power of doing characters which people really like, has given me love which is so humongous. And I am extremely grateful to Prakash Sir, because I’ve had this huge struggle where I have not got the right kind of work that I’ve wanted for so many years. And when the right kind of work starts coming in, then the right kind of appreciation starts coming your way”.


He commented, “I played my part with all my honesty and sincerity. And I’m guessing that is what has touched people’s heart. I guess I’ve not tried too hard for the character. Because, you know, if I look like Tinka Singh then I think I won. If I start looking like Adhyayan Suman trying to play Tinka, then I would have failed. There was a very thin line between me playing Tinka Singh. I would say there was a huge inspiration in front of me like I had Shahid Kapoor had done in Udta Punjab, where the character was extremely eccentric. He was crazy. I think ‘Tinka’ was on the same lines except for the fact that he is just childlike. He’s stupid..he’s not a grey character”.

Would you let your kids also you know, take up acting ?

They can, they can take up whatever they want. You know, just like my father has given me the liberty to do what I want in life. He knows that I would never, cross my boundaries, and I will do the right thing. And he knows how passionate I am about my work. And if I see a sense of passion in my children, in whatever they want to do in the future, I’m okay. They can do whatever they want. It’s their life.


Message for aspiring actors

The first thing is that you have to understand, not be diluted, not be too arrogant about who you are. And the most important part is to keep working and to keep bettering your craft. I think that’s very, very important. And I believe that fact that the more you work, the better you get in life. And just be honest, just be sincere to your characters, and morales.

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Don’t try too hard. Don’t try to look too cool. It’s not about six packs. It is about the fact that you will be able to touch people’s hearts. Be sincere with every character that you play so that people relate to that and that’s about it. There’s no hard and fast rule to being an actor but just be sincere. That’s all I have to say.
Source From : Times Of India

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