Saroj’s daughter: Janhvi should play Sridevi

Saroj’s daughter: Janhvi should play Sridevi

So choreographer-turned-director Remo D’souza has decided to make a biopic on the legendary Saroj Khan, after he’s as fit as before. Naturally, there’ll be a Madhuri Dixit as Saroj Khan was largely the ace behind Madhuri’s dance moves. But naturally, there’ll be someone playing Sridevi too as Saroj Khan worked a lot with her. “I would be really disappointed if Madhuri didn’t do the film. But there’s only one person who can get into Sridevi’s shoes- her daughter Janhvi. She’s so much like her,” says Saroj Khan’s daughter Sukaina in an exclusive chat with ETimes, adding, “There’ll be three to four heroines outlining the story, depicting their journey with my mother in different age-groups. And let us not forget that my mother also worked with Ananya Panday, Sara Ali Khan and Tara Sutaria in recent times.”
However, Remo has still not gone with the concept/script to Sukaina. “Naturally, he’ll need my permission. It’s my mother’s biopic. At the moment he’s unwell and getting back to fitness. I wish him a speedy recovery. Why I need to give my nod of consent to the film is also because I want to see my mother’s life on celluloid covering every aspect of her. Like is she was on her way, we would get so particular in putting everything at home in the right place. Like if the food wasn’t ready on time, she would get angry. And do you know how she looked after her two granddaughters when my elder sister died young at the age of 39? Nobody from their father’s side came forward to take care of them. Today, those kids have once again lost someone who was as good as their mother; she wanted to see them get married but alas! We still feel that my mother has gone on a long outdoor shoot and would call from the airport that she’s on her way back home. All that needs to come out on screen.”

“And yes, a few years back my mother had gone into a coma, she was admitted to Holy Family Hospital (Mumbai, Bandra). And do you know how quickly she was back on the sets when she lost her daughter and even her husband? She was the man in her house. She always maintained a tough exterior to give strength to her granddaughters, they lost their father two years after losing their mother. After that, I adopted them. And going back, she started off when she was very poor. Above all, the trauma she faced when Bollywood started feeling that she is not interested in choreographing anymore just because she has started a dance academy and is doing some TV shows. So yeah, I want all those personal elements of my mother also to be depicted. Remo shouldn’t portray her just as Masterji.”

Continues Sukaina, “Yes, Remo had once discussed the idea of making a biopic on Mummy when they worked together on ‘Tabaah Ho Gaye’, but after that I haven’t heard from Remo on anything about the film in question. But yes, I did meet him at the kabristan when he came to pay his last respects to my mother.”

And before signing off, Sukaina also reveals, “My mom also wanted to see one more thing- Salman Khan‘s niece Alizeh (Alvira and Atul Agnihotri‘s daughter) should become a heroine. She was training her.”

Source From : Times Of India

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