Parents of Class 9 to 12 students bat for promotions, demand online exams

Parents of Class 9 to 12 students bat for promotions, demand online exams

Hyderabad: With physical classes not starting for students even in December, parents, especially of students studying in class 9 to 12, are worried about the examinations. They say that it would be wise to promote students to the next class without exams. If that’s not possible, they opine that exams should be conducted in online mode.
“Expecting students to write exams without conducting physical classes will be of no use. The best thing is to promote all students to the next class,” said Venkat Sainath, joint secretary, Hyderabad Schools Parents’ Association adding that even class 10 and class 12 students should be promoted.

Parents said that if the state wants to conduct examinations, it should conduct classes regularly at least for 90 days so that students will at least understand the basics. After that, they can conduct examinations, preferably with only objective type questions, parents added. They also pointed out how a few schools are threatening students and their parents that students will not be promoted if they don’t attend online classes regularly.

“This is to inform you that online classes are going on for classes nursery to 10th. Make sure your child attends the online classes otherwise he /she will remain in the same class. No promotion for the next class will be given in the next academic year. Attending online classes and attendance is mandatory for everyone,” read a message from a private school in Falaknuma. The school is also forcing parents to send their wards to school to appear for exams.

Parents said that it would be better if the state makes an announcement on how students should be graded for this academic year. “If the government announces guidelines to be followed to promote students to the next academic year, schools will have no option except to follow them. Right now, each school is following its own rules,” said A Sai Gopal, a parent.

Source From : Times Of India

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