Assam issues SOP for reopening hostels

Assam issues SOP for reopening hostels

GUWAHATI: The Assam government has issued standard operating procedures (SOP) for reopening hostels in educational institutions from December 15.

Even after formal reopening of the educational institutions in the state from November 2, hostels have remained shut, severely impacting classes in colleges and universities where many students stay in hostels. The SOP said initial preference will be given to students who do not have any support at home and also no facility for online education.

“Students of final year classes may be called first according to the initial preference for calling students to join back hostels may be given to students who do not have any support at home and also no facility for online education. Screening of every hostel boarder needs to be done before they start staying in hostels. Only asymptomatic boarders shall be allowed to stay in the hostel,” read the SOP circulated on Saturday.

According to the SOP, the number of inmates in each dormitory is to be reduced by 50%. While rapid antigen tests (RAT) are a must for hostel superintendents, wardens, cooks and helpers engaged in hostel management, screening of every hostel border will have to be done before they enter into the hostels.

“Hostels will be re-opened in all the educational institutions of the state from 15-12-2020 positively until further orders in respect of final year hostel students of Engineering Colleges/Degree Colleges/Polytechnics/Universities/Residential Schools (Class X & XII of both Govt. and Private Schools)/Coaching and Training Institutes,” stated the SOP.

It clarified that before reopening hostels, RAT will have to be done compulsorily among people engaged in management of hostels, preparation and serving of food among the hostel students including cleaners who are entrusted with the task of cleaning and maintaining cleanliness of the hostels.

“The hostels shall have to be fully sanitized including kitchen, toilets, bedrooms, dormitories, dining halls, seating halls etc., before re-opening of hostels,” the SOP added.

For students willing to come and stay in residential hostels, consent will have to be obtained from the parents of the students in writing, the SOP said. “Staying in hostel for students will not be compulsory and will depend entirely on parental consent. However, after joining in hostel, attendance is to be regularly monitored,” it said.

Students have been asked to report to the hostel in a phased manner (group-wise) and the entry will be finalised by the head of the institution.

The SOP said students will be accommodated in the dormitory in alternate beds, by keeping one bed vacant between two students by reducing the number of inmates in each dormitory to 50% according to the requirement. “Beds which are not to be occupied are to be properly labelled,” read the SOP. Source From : Times Of India

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