‘Marigold Diamond Ring’ enters Guinness Records

‘Marigold Diamond Ring’ enters Guinness Records

MEERUT: Just over a month ago, Hyderabad jeweller Kotti Srikanth set a record for the most diamonds set in a ring, 7,801. Now, Meerut’s Harshit Bansal has broken that record with what he calls the ‘Marigold Diamond Ring‘ — an eight-layer 165.45 g piece with 12,638 diamonds of 38.08 carat. It has entered the Guinness World Records.
“It all started when my wife and I read about a Guinness record of a ring with 6,690 diamonds in 2018. This was around the time when I was opening my first store in Meerut. Always aiming at making customised jewellery, this was a challenge of sorts. The work on the ring started in 2018 and it was completed by February 2020,” said Harshit, 25, who learnt jewel designing from Surat after doing his BBA and MBA from SRM University here.
He owns a store named after his parents Renu Bansal and Anil Bansal.
Each and every diamond was specially tested and all of them are of EF colour and Very Very Slightly Included (VVS) clarity. These are the best qualities of diamond used in jewellery worldwide. The ring is certified by International Gemological Laboratory (IGI) which is one of the most prestigious labs for diamond jewellery certification globally. The ring is human wearable.
How did the design of the marigold strike him? Harshit explained, “I was trying to think about designs for a long time, and eventually found it in my garden. A marigold flower caught my eye and I put it in between my fingers to see how it will look. It was then that I decided.”
Each petal in the ring is uniquely shaped and none of the petals are identical to each other which gives the ring a perfect blend of organic symmetry, design and alignment, Harshit said.
Asked about the ring’s price, he said, “It is priceless. We will keep it with us for now. It has an emotional attachment.”

Source From : Times Of India

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